APIK Journal of Internal Medicine

: 2020  |  Volume : 8  |  Issue : 4  |  Page : 163-


Manjunath Premanath 
 Senior Consultant in Internal Medicine and Diabetes and Editor in Chief, APIK Journal of Internal Medicine, API (Karnataka Chapter), Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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My Dear Colleagues,

It has been more than 6 months since this pandemic is sweeping the world and brought all countries to their knees. All activities in all the spheres have been disturbed to such an extent; one does not know when we would get back to the so-called normal life. COVID-19 has infected millions of people all over the world with lakhs of deaths, a good number of them untimely. The biggest tragedy is that a good number of doctors that too who were young have succumbed to the disease. Losing a doctor is irreplaceable. How can you bring back a doctor at short notice, and all the education, hard work, and experience had gone down the drain. The government should take extra measures to save the doctors who are working as frontline warriors. Has it being done? The doctors with personal protection equipment are getting infected, most of them and are over worked, exhausted and when they got infected and had complications had to run from pillar to post to get admission in to a hospital. Many have died because they could not get the timely intervention. Who will come to the medical profession when nobody cares about their survival? Adding fuel to the fire, a number of manhandling and assaults on doctors on duty have been the order of the day. This is akin to beating a dead horse. God only knows about their mental condition. Doctors have become sick not only personally but also of their profession too, and it does not auger well for the society in which they live. Government should take immediate and adequate measures to save the medical community. If they are in good health, others would be also.

This pandemic has taught us some discipline and cleanliness, but not to the extent desired. Still people are adamant, do not follow distancing, wear masks as ornaments, and spit wherever the desire. The gravity of the situation will probably be known to them when they get infected and suffer. Not only they suffer, but they also make their family, medical profession, and the Government to suffer. Pandemics are not going to be rare henceforth and we have to be ready to face them with whatever lessons that we have learned from this pandemic.

Publishing original articles on various aspects of COVID is probably the first concern of any medical journal nowadays. These articles are fast tracked and published without peer review. Most studies cannot come to any conclusion and need larger studies and their findings will add to the confusion of the readers. This does not mean that there should not be original work, which are a must, but there should not be a hurry to publish everything. Hence, we have published a review article on Covid 19 and the kidneys. The additional information on Covid 19 will appear in the next issue. The other review article is on sub clinical hyperthyroidism which will clear the dilemma of treat or not to treat. The regular quota of original articles, case reports, and ECG diagnosis are all there for you to go through. What we require is your feedback which will make us to work more hard to improve the Journal. Do write to us on what you feel on the articles published or on any other matter of importance to the readers. Do send your original articles, review articles, and case reports. Happy reading.